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With the installation of SURYA's Servo Voltage Stablizier the higher current drawn by motor on account of voltage variations is eliminated.
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Surya Electro Control
Mullanpur Road ,Humbran
Ludhiana ,Punjab
Ph- 0161-2871649
MS. Walia - 09814849110 (Mobile)

Telefex : 2871949

Surya Electro Control
3607, DLF Phase-4


Established in 1990 today SURYA is a Leading manufacturer of LT and HT Servo Voltage Stabilizers,Silicon Rectifiers,Control & Panels Distribution Transformers and Transformers with built -in HT - Automatic Voltage Regulator to solve the dual purpose of Transformation and voltage regulation and stabilization of 'on - load' AC Power For Industries,high rise buildings and Reserch oragnizations.

At present the manufacturing range of LT Servo Voltage Stabilizers is from 20 KVA to 3000KVA and H.T. Servo Stabilizers is 20 KVA to 5000 KVA. At SURYA's manufacturing unit in Ludhiana qualified engineers study customers specific requirements and then give optimum solution in accordance with the desired specfications.

THE VOLTAGE PROBLEM Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in every part of the country.The industrial units running 24 hours a day face problem of low and high voltage, 90% of electric motors draw considerably high current at low and high voltage.The higher current effect the electrical motors in four ways:- Higher current produces higher loss in electrical motors which causes premature failure of winding. It increases the losses of electric motors and others associated equipments. High current of electric motor requires higher setting of overload relay,to avoid frequent tripping of motors,higher setting of overload relay has a very little safety margin against single phasing and mechanical faults. Life of electrical motors reduces considerably due to persistent over loads.

THE SOLUTION SURYA's Servo Voltage Stabilizers are suitable for varied applications.With the installation of SURYA's Servo Voltage Stabilizer the higher current drawn by motor on account of voltage variations is eliminated. The overload relay can be set as per the requirement of the motor load which will reduce the motor failure rate considerably.

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